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Considerations When Choosing
a Study Abroad Program


What are my financial considerations?

Programs range in cost, but we can help you find a program that fits your budget. Consider:

  • Existing Aid: most existing scholarships & financial aid can be used to study abroad.
  • More Funding: additional scholarship opportunities can help you make your goals more reachable.
  • Program Length: shorter programs may allow you to help you return to work sooner and come with a lower sticker price, but a longer program may be more cost effective than a semester in Fayetteville. Airfare can be one of the biggest expenses when going oversea, so the longer you can stay, you'll get more bang for your buck.
  • Cost of Living: How much does food and lodging cost? What's the current exchange rate on currency? Make your dollar go farther.

Search Tip: A Study Abroad Advisor can help you find every opportunity for funding and discuss relative costs in different destinations.


What kind of credit can I earn while abroad?

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss what classes will help you advance your degree progress.

  • Do you need to take courses in your major or minor area of study?
  • Would you like to gain language fluency?
  • Do you have general electives available that will allow you more flexibility to take food, dance, art, and culture courses?
  • HogsAbroad Search Tip: you can refine your search by using the "Area of Study" parameter.
  • Hotter Tip: Hit "Ctrl" or "Command" to select multiple items within a parameter.
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How long, and which term, would I like to be abroad?

  • Programs range in length from two weeks to a full academic year.
  • Available terms: summer, semester, intersession, or academic year
  • Students are eligible to study abroad the summer after their freshman year and can go abroad any semester before they graduate.
  • HogsAbroad Search Tip: you can narrow down the "term" parameter so that you will only see programs that are available during that selected time frame.
  • Hotter Tip: Hit "Ctrl" or "Command" to select multiple items within a parameter.
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What destination is right for me?

  • Programs are available in over sixty countries.
  • Most locations offer courses taught in English.
  • Some locations offer specialized coursework, internships, or research opportunities.
  • Language immersion programs are a great way to build fluency and work through two years of language courses in one semester. Decisions about your study abroad destination are personal. Do you want to live in a bustling capital or a quiet university town? Maybe somewhere more off the beaten path? Do you have a heritage interest in visiting a certain part of the world? HogsAbroad Search Tip: You can refine your search by narrowing the "Country" or "Region" parameters.
  • Hotter Tip: Hit "Ctrl" or "Command" to select multiple items within a parameter.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Eligibility: each program might have different eligibility requirements. If you aren't eligible for one program for xyz reason, we have 1,000+ programs in our portfolio for you to choose from.

Deadlines: each program will have their own deadline (some earlier & some later). Be proactive & don't miss out on a great opportunity!