Scholarships and Financial Aid

All 2021 entering first-year students are encouraged to apply for New First-Year Scholarships through the Academic Scholarship Office. For more information and application, visit the scholarship office.  The College of Engineering does not offer college wide scholarships for the first year of college. To be eligible, individuals must meet the requirements outlined under 'Eligibility Criteria'. Not all programs qualify, and online programs are excluded.

Currently Enrolled and New Transfer Students

Current undergraduates and new transfers can apply for College of Engineering scholarships now using the University of Arkansas universal scholarship application. This application will be used for college level scholarships and departmental scholarships in the College of Engineering. When prompted, please complete all College of Engineering related questions. Also, it is strongly encouraged for students who wish to be considered for financial need scholarships, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.

Applications can be submitted starting January 1, 2021 thru February 15, 2021.

Application Instructions

  1. Add to your e-mail address book, as some e-mail servers will block this address. The AcademicWorks system will send emails from this email address, please check your spam\junk folder if you are not receiving them. Add the email address for Amber Sisemore,, to your address book as well.
  2. Prepare a short answer about your University experience.
  3. Prepare a current academic résumé (approximately 2-3 pages; your résumé must be formatted as a .doc .docx or .pdf document) that includes out-of-classroom activities that you have participated in during your college career, demonstrating contributions to the University of Arkansas, northwest Arkansas, or your hometown communities. The academic résumé is used to place your GPA into a broader context. Please read the Tips for Creating a Résumé for guidance on preparing your academic résumé, as well as review a suggested format. Only include relevant high school information that would support your work or continued history of service during your college career.
  4. Compose an essay (approximately two pages; there are no style requirements; your essay must be formatted as a .doc .docx or .pdf document) on the following topic: Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said "Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." Please list 3 actions you are taking or plan to take during your college career in order to make real, enduring change in your lifetime.
    Student Success offers free on-campus writing support that you can use to assist in drafting your essay.
  5. Please do not submit any application materials to the Academic Scholarship Office. All pieces of the scholarship application will be submitted online unless specifically requested.
  6. All applicants must submit the completed General Application in the AcademicWorks system in order to be considered for the University-Wide Current Student Scholarship Program. Students are then strongly encouraged to follow through and complete any applications for specific scholarships and\or programs that they are recommended for by the stated deadlines.

Continue to the online application portal. You will be asked to sign in with your UARK ID and Password into the "AcademicWorks – University of Arkansas" system. In the "AcademicWorks – University of Arkansas" system, you will be able to submit all application materials, save and come back to your application, check the status of your application, and accept any scholarship offers.

Apply for Scholarships