Choosing an Affordable
Study Abroad Program

Different programs cost different amounts. So, if cost is a big driving factor for you, here are a few tips to consider when searching for an affordable program:

Be strategic in program location

  • Smaller cities and university towns tend to be much more affordable than large capital cities.
  • Some regions are naturally less expensive than others.
    • Eastern Europe & the Mediterranean are often more affordable than Western Europe, the UK, and Scandivania.
    • South & Central America are often more affordable than Australia & New Zealand.

Find a program with a home stay option

  • Home stays often include 1-3 meals per day, which can lower your cost of attendance.

Understand what a program fee includes

  • One program fee might have a higher sticker price than another program, but it might include more (e.g., meals and excursions) or have more generous scholarship opportunities. That means that it might actually be a more affordable option in the end.

Consider doing a semester-long or academic year-long program

  • Semester study abroad programs often have a higher sticker price than a short-term program, but the cost per day is often lower.

Utilize Existing Aid


Most (if not all) of the scholarships and financial aid that you currently receive at the University of Arkansas may be used to study abroad on an approved study abroad program.

Apply for Additional
U of A Scholarships


You should definitely apply for all of the U of A study abroad scholarships that you potentially qualify for! It is your responsibility to check out the links below to understand deadlines, eligibility requirements, and more.

  • U of A Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarships Application
    • By applying for this scholarship, you will be considered for all scholarships that you are eligible for outside of the Office of Study Abroad, such as the Walton College Study Abroad Scholarship, the Honors College Study Abroad Grant, the Johnetta Cross Brazzell Study Abroad Scholarship, etc.

Apply for External
Study Abroad Scholarships


There are so many study abroad scholarships outside of the U of A that you might be eligible for! On our Study Abroad Scholarship webpage, we have created a list of "Scholarships Awarded by Outside Organizations," but know that it isn't exhaustive! Poke around the study abroad scholarship website linked above, but also do your own digging!