Study Abroad Alumni

Earned Study Abroad Transfer Credit? Send over your Transcript!

  • Make sure to have your official transcript from your study abroad program be sent to the Office of Study Abroad!
  • Digital copies can be sent to
  • Hard copies can be mailed to us (520 N Storer Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701).

Be sure to show off your Study Abroad experience!

  • Add your study abroad experience to your Resume.
  • Show it off on your LinkedIn.
  • Be sure to follow the Office of Study Abroad on our social media platforms!
  • Weave it into your elevator pitch.
  • Incorporate the lessons that you learned & the skills that you harnessed into your interviews!
  • Need help doing so? Work with Engineering Career Services!

Study Abroad: Check! International Engagement: Just beginning!

Consider joining our Study Abroad Student Ambassador Program!

  • Study Abroad Student Ambassador (SASA) Program is a way for Study Abroad alumni to help elevate the culture of study abroad at the U of A!
  • SASA enhances your personal & professional development, helps you make meaning out of your own study abroad experience, and is a fun way to engage in study abroad here in Fayetteville!