Alumni and Friends


Congratulations to our 2018 Alumni Award Winners with outline of the state of Arkansas


Hall of Fame Awardees

The College of Engineering Hall of Fame was established in 1965 to recognize prominent graduates and leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession and to society as a whole.

  • Kevin W. Brown, BSCHE 1981
  • Kenneth William Keltner*, BSIE 1959

Distinguished Alumni Awardees

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors College of Engineering graduates who have provided leadership in their communities and achieved distinction in their fields of endeavor.

  • Robert W. Arvin, MSOM 2012
  • Gregory L. Baltz, BSAGE 1980
  • Roger Cordes, PhD, P.E., BSME 1991
  • Eugene C. Davis, BSCHE 1980
  • John Marshall, BSEE 1976
  • Jeremy Stobaugh, BSCSE 2000, MBA 2010
  • Rita Gail Willcoxon, BSIE 1982
  • Daniel H. Williams, P.E., BSCE 1981

Early Career Awardees

The Early Career Award recognizes exceptional professional and personal achievements of recent College of Engineering graduates.

  • Eric A. DeCuir Jr. MS 2005, PhD 2008
  • Tyson Hall, BSCHE 2001, MBA 2002
  • Jessie Xu Jones, MSCE 2003
  • Jenni Kimpel, BSIE 2006
  • Drake McGruder, BSBE 2006, MSE 2012
  • Gregory Sisti BSME 2004
  • Xiao, Zhichun PhD, MSCSE 2001, PhD 2005