The College of Engineering has been producing graduates focused on electronics for over 30 years. Researchers in this area are developing new materials for circuits and photovoltaic cells, designing and modeling circuits, creating packages that protect and integrate electronic devices and creating and testing new technologies to improve our power grid. 


The broad area of energy has a foundation in electronics, but has expanded to include power systems, energy storage, smart grid innovation, biofuels and oil and gas research. As the world struggles to find and integrate safer and more sustainable sources of energy, research in this field is more important than ever. 

Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering

College of Engineering research encompasses both technological and biological investigations in biomedical and healthcare engineering. Many life-enhancing breakthroughs in medicine and healthcare delivery result from research combining engineering and the medical sciences including biomechanics and mechanobiology, biomaterials, cell and tissue engineering, healthcare logistics and medical decision making. 

Materials Science and Engineering

Our college’s innovations in materials science and engineering lead to improved materials to solve technological and societal problems. Our research activities include advanced materials for packaging, control analysis, high resolution and device characterization, advanced coatings and surface engineering, photovoltaic materials, thermoelectric materials, nanotribology and bioinspired functional surfaces and materials. 

Transportation and Logistics

The College of Engineering has been a national leader in transportation and logistics for more than twenty years. Researchers are looking at distribution, transportation, information technology and software solutions, and maritime and multimodal transportation. 

EMERGING  research areas


The U of A is moving to respond to this area, which is the single largest export market from the state of Arkansas. 

Big Data/Analytics

Technology has increased the amount of data we produce, leading to an increased need to analyze this data.


Researchers are looking at increasing digital security and information assurance, especially in the areas of transportation and the power grid.


As a land-grant institution, the U of A has a responsibility to maintain the nation’s water and electric resources, communications and transportation.

Advanced Manufacturing

Keeping manufacturing jobs in America and maintaining our competitiveness in this area is key for economic growth.


This field is emerging from the broader field of electronics. It involves new semi-conductor materials, biophotonics and photovoltaics.


Faculty across the college are engaged in some form of research involving sustainable practices, design or technologies.

Systems Integration

This area encompasses research in automation, robotics and systems and process control, and inspires keen interest in our students.


Research in this area includes water quality, wastewater treatment and watershed management.