faculty, staff and students welcoming first year engineers to their departments


Biological Engineering

bioag girl walking along river

Some things we study:

  • Testing water quality
  • Perfecting food sustainably
  • Creating clean renewable energy
  • Biomedical Engineering

    biomed student (male) posing in front of beakers in lab

    Some things we study:

  • Diagnosing and treating diseases
  • Developing implants and prosthetics
  • Designing medical equipment
  • Chemical Engineering

    chemical student (male) extracting liquid from container with syringe

    Some things we study:

  • Supplying energy and fuel
  • Synthesizing materials
  • Managing environmental and safety concerns
  • Civil Engineering

    civil student (female)mixing substance in metal container with gloves and safety glasses

    Some things we study:

  • Improving water treatment and distribution systems
  • Designing the foundations and structural members of buildings
  • Planning and developing transportation systems and networks
  • Computer Engineering

    computer code

    Some things we study:

  • Designing software and hardware
  • Developing computer systems and networks
  • Creating retinal scanners and prosthetic devices
  • Computer Science

    close up computer pannel

    Some things we study:

  • Planning faster and more efficient applications
  • Reducing risks of viruses and hackers
  • Simulating exercises
  • Data Science

    data science bianary code + face shape

    Some things we study:

  • Analyzing data to improve outcomes
  • Improving data security
  • Solving problems
  • Electrical Engineering

    electrical student testing colored wires hooked to a machine

    Some things we study:

  • Improving the future through design of modern technology, such as cars, phones, computers, imaging, biomedical instruments
  • Securing the future through efficient and safe electrical systems
  • Mobilizing the future via complex and integrated system, such as robots, communications, aerospace systems
  • Industrial Engineering

    equations written on clear white board

    Some things we study:

  • Improving processes using simulation and optimization
  • Informing decision making with data analytics
  • Managing complex engineering projects
  • Mechanical Engineering

    4-wheeler jumping on dirt track

    Some things we study:

  • Designing products & systems for everyday use
  • Application of robotics & automation, and materials in engineering design
  • Energy as a source and its conversion to more useful forms
  • First Year Engineering

    Get the Support You Need to Succeed in Your ClassesLearn About the Different Engineering FieldsGet to Know Your Classmates

    Get the Support You Need to Succeed in Your Classes

    Learn About the Different Engineering Fields

    Get to Know Your Classmates

    The First-Year Engineering Program is designed to help first year students build a solid foundation for their engineering education. All new students take a common set of classes, which includes an introduction to engineering class. This class will help students get to know all the different engineering fields, and choose a major that is right for them.

    Funding Your Education

    Engineering Career Awareness Program

    ECAP is designed to recruit students who are underrepresented in the field of engineering, and to give these students the support they need to feel comfortable, confident and ready to succeed.

    Academic Scholarships

    Are you are a prospective or current undergraduate student seeking scholarship funding?

    Financial Aid

    Visit Silas Hunt Hall, room 114 for Financial Aid assistance or apply online for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

    Study Abroad

    Study abroad programs include academic credit, but the personal and professional growth you experience will help you for the rest of your academic career and make you more competitive in today's globalizing marketplace.

    first-year engineering

    Steven was one of the first two graduates of the International Engineering Program! After the five-year program, and after studying and working in Germany, Steven graduated with two degrees - a B.S. in engineering and a B.A. in German.

    engineering summer camp

    Donna Quedens spent a semester at the University of Newcastle in Australia.