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Semester & Academic Year programs

Engineering Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs are semester and academic year opportunities for students to 'swap places' with a student at one of our partner institutions. U of A students pay normal U of A tuition rates based on their residency and college/major but take classes at another school. Students must hold a 3.0 GPA at the time of application and need to be able to demonstrate resiliency, as these programs are highly independent and immersive.

Engineering Students work with Dr. Bryan Hill and their academic advisors to determine the best timing to go abroad based on each students' degree progress and goals. Courses at these partner schools have been pre-approved to work with the Engineering curriculum!

  Biological Biomedical Chemical Civil CSCE Electrical Industrial Mechanical
Aarhus University (Denmark)       X X X   X
Jonkoping University (Sweden)             X  
Politecnico di Torino (Italy)         X X   X
Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (Germany)* X X X X X X X X
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) X X X   X X X X
University of Newcastle (Australia) X   X X X X X X
University of Technology Sydney (Australia) X X X X X X X X
Wetern Sydney University (Australia)       X   X    

*Students who study at Technische Universitaet Darmstadt are enrolled in the International Engineering Program in collaboration with the German department.

UA Faculty Summer Programs

The Rome Center is the U of A's only international residential study center, offering U of A credit taught by on-site faculty, as well as faculty from Fayetteville.

Why is it great for engineering students? 

  1. You know exactly what credits you are earning
  2. Complete University core credits to get ahead on your degree program


Sustainabilty in the Euro Food System (Ghent, Belgium) GNEG credit 

The Rome Center

INEG 2413 at the Rome Center (May Int)
Engineering Economic Analysis, a required course or elective option for most ENGR majors! 

Civil Engineering: All Roads Lead to Rome
GNEG credit for all Engineers! 

Summer Open Campus
Fine Arts & Social Sciences Core credits in the summer 

External Programs

Affiliated Recommendations

We also work with affiliated External Program providers, which create even more opportunities for U of A students. Programs vary greatly in length, and students earn transfer credit.

All of the external programs have these different alphabet soup names (e.g., AIFS, CEA, USAC), but they all do the same thing: support our students on study abroad. External program providers usually provide international insurance, arrange housing, enroll student in academic courses, offer cultural activities, etc.

Students who go on an External Program will have two applications:

  • a main application with the program provider (e.g., CIMBA, ISA, USAC)
    • Deadline: program specific
  • a corresponding application in our HogsAbroad portal
    • November 1 Deadline for Spring Programs
    • April 1 Deadline for Summer, Fall, & AY Programs

Students are eligible to use most (if not all) of their existing aid, as well as apply to additional study abroad scholarships.