Proposal Preparation

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The University of Arkansas Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) submits all proposals on behalf of the principal investigators. Investigators should contact their department's assigned OSP grants specialist as soon as they decide to respond to a funding opportunity. This will ensure sufficient time to develop a competitive proposal, complete all sponsor-required forms and certifications, and secure all required approvals. Submission approval is evidenced by completion/approval through the University of Arkansas Streamlyne system.

After the principal investigator (PI) and any co-investigators have electronically signed the proposal in Streamlyne, it must be reviewed and approved by all designated approvers including the investigators’ department head(s), associate dean(s) for research and the OSP director who serves as the final approver. The grants specialist will ensure the proposal is submitted to the sponsor once the approval process is complete.

Guidance is provided to new engineering faculty planning to submit research grant proposals and for all engineering submissions of large-scale proposals (>$1 million). Please contact Shelley Wilmoth, Engineering Research Coordinator for assistance.


A subaward/subcontract is an agreement that uses sponsored research funding to engage an institution or agency outside of the University of Arkansas to perform a specified scope of work.

If a proposal includes a subaward/subcontract, extra time and effort will be needed to gather the required documents. The PI must contact their University of Arkansas OSP Grants Specialist to prepare the required documents between the University of Arkansas and the third party with applicable terms and conditions. OSP will need the outside organization’s grants office contact name and email address, subaward/contract PI name, scope of work, budget, budget justification, and a copy of the organization’s F&A and fringe rate agreement. OSP will work with the outside organization grants office to finalize the agreement prior to proposal submission through the normal proposal routing process described above.

Cost Share

Certain funding opportunities require cost share or matching funds as part of the submitted budget. These funding partnerships are often funded through in-kind internal support or other external sources. Limited funds for cash cost Share/match may be available from the PIs department(s), college, and university sources. To request cash cost share/match, complete the Request for Cost Sharing form and submit with the proposed project budget and a copy of the solicitation describing the required cost share/match requirement.

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