Faculty Startups

A faculty start-up package is an allocation awarded to a new faculty hire to provide the resources needed to establish a scholarly research program at the University of Arkansas. Start-up funding is typically distributed over three years. The procedure for disbursing and reporting faculty start-up funds is described in Academic Policy Series 1405.16F. (PDF)

The Faculty Startup Funds Proposal must be submitted to the Associate Dean for Research annually for review and approval by the College and to the VCRI prior to release of fiscal year funds.

Please submit your proposal on department letterhead and limit your proposal to no more than two pages. Include the following information and submit your proposal with the Faculty Startup Budget Template (Excel spreadsheet).

  1. Faculty member name, title, college, department, hire date
  2. Research focus area(s)
  3. Research accomplishments from previous fiscal year’s startup funds expenditures (if applicable)
  4. Spending plan for current fiscal year’s startup funds request (include estimated costs for equipment, supplies, salaries, travel, etc.) for startup funds received from the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Division of Agriculture, College of Engineering, and Department as applicable
  5. Progress made towards securing external funding and developing a self-sustained research program (if not initial first year funds request)