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Advanced Manufacturing Researchers

David Huitink

David Huitink

Mechanical Engineering

  • Applied Materials for Power Electronic Optimization
  • Test development and analysis of interfacial stress induced reliability failures
  • Electronic Packaging design and operational enhancement for high temperature reliability
  • Thermal dissipation enhancement using nanostructured materials for heat transfer
  • Multi-Physical Material Interactions
  • Mechanical, thermal, & chemical interactions in novel nanostructured material systems
  • Mechanochemical Synthesis techniques for generating novel materials and metastable films with unique electro-optical properties
  • Nanocomposites and Nanofluids for enhanced Thermal and Mechanical behaviors

Haitao Liao

Haitao Liao

Industrial Engineering

  • Reliability and maintenance modeling
  • Statistical models and data analysis
  • Applied operations research
  • Probabilistic risk assessment (PRA)
  • Reliability prediction for electronic components and circuit assemblies using accelerated tests
  • Sensor-based fault diagnostics and prognostics for microelectronics, industrial equipment & machinery
  • Reliability analysis of nanodevices
  • Data-based/model-based warranty/repair demand prediction
  • Highly accelerated life test (HALT) and highly environmental stress screening (HESS)
  • Data analytics in additive manufacturing

Xiao Liu

>Xiao Liu

Industrial Engineering

  • Physics-based Data-Driven Methodologies
    • sensor-based environmental monitoring
    • radar/satellite image modeling
    • surrogate spatio-temporal models for stress/deformation on surface manifold based on Finite Element Analysis

  • Engineering-Knowledge-Based Data-Driven Monitoring for complex
    • Condition monitoring for reliability and energy efficiency of data center cooling systems
  • Tree-based Ensemble Statistical Learning for Recurrent Event Data
    • Intelligent food-borne outbreaks source investigation
    • Reliability modeling and predictive maintenance for large-scale heterogeneous field systems

Wenchao Zhou

Wenchao Zhou

Mechanical Engineering

  • Superfast 3D Printer
    • Megahertz Inkjet Printing
    • Microheater Array Powder Sintering (MAPS)
    • Cooperative 3D Printing
  • 4D Printing
  • Robotics


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