Staff Council

The College of Engineering Staff Council views the importance and the involvement of staff as a vital aspect in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Its purpose is to promote staff development and a positive working environment. By adhering to the goals established in the Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Procedures the College of Engineering Staff Council will encourage professional development of staff members and represent the interests of the staff within the College.

2018-19 Members

George Holmes

Amy Shell


Janet Walker



  • Janet L. Walker,  ADMN
  • Linda Pate, BAEG
  • Tori Stover, BMEG
  • Jason Crawley, CSCE
  • Jessica Zaleski, CHEG
  • Amy Shell, CVEG
  • Katelyn Burks, DEAN
  • Sierra Mendoza, ELEG
  • Ashley Dawn Reeves, INEG
  • Kathy Kirk, MEEG
  • Harold Watson, TECH-AT-LARGE