L. Lee Johns Lane

L. Lee Johns Lane


L. Lee Johns Lane

MSOR 1974, PhD Engineering 1976

Vice President and Co-owner (retired)
Autek Systems Inc.

L. Lee Johns Lane holds three degrees from the University of Arkansas and has the special distinction of being the first female to complete a Ph.D. in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

After earning an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Lee worked for Dow Chemical in Michigan for 10 years before returning to Fayetteville to pursue her graduate degrees. In 1976, Lee joined the faculty at San Diego State and National Universities where she taught systems analysis, computer languages and statistics.

Her background helped Lee launch a successful career in the aerospace industry beginning at General Dynamics. She next worked as program director at Northrop Electronics, building equipment for the Department of Defense and defense contractors and managing classified defense programs. In 2002, Lee retired as vice president and co-owner of Autek Systems, a privately held defense company.

Lee is a member of the Arkansas Academy of Industrial Engineers, Institute of Industrial Engineering, Institute of 1976 Hall of Fame Electronic and Electrical Engineering, American Institute of Industrial Engineers and American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

Lee and her husband, Sam McCutcheon, have eight children between them and live in Lee’s hometown of Paris, Arkansas.