Early Career Award


Christopher Adkins, BSIE ‘12

Vice President, Yield Strategy and Analytics, ArcBest

Brian Gene Ballew, BSME ‘12, MSME ‘15

Flight Test Instrumentation Design Engineer, L3Harris

Teni Rane Butler, BSChE ‘16

Chemical Engineer, Self-Employed

Stephanie G. Cone, BSBmE ‘14

Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Emmanuel Decrossas, PhD Electrical Engineering ‘12

RF Microwave Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Wiwat Leebhaisomboon, BSCmpE ‘09, MSCmpE ‘11

Owner, W x Solutions Ltd. Co.

Michael K. May, BSBE ‘10, MSBmE ‘14

Family Medicine Physician, Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas

Christopher P. Velardi, MSOM ‘19

Principal Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Adam T. White, BSCE '08

Senior Project Manager, Garver


Andrew Bailey, BSCmpE ‘07, MSCmpE ‘09

Director of Application Development and IT, Harvest Group

Ailon Haileyesus, BSBmE ‘16

Project Engineer, Stryker

Tola Kumolu, MS Telecommunications ‘07, MSOM ‘09

Distinguished Engineer, Verizon

tephanie Clark Lee, BSME ‘10, MSME ‘12

Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space

Lauren Lowe, BSIE ‘07

Senior Director of Transportation Finances, Walmart

Derek Martin, MSOM ‘13

Senior Director, Ducommun LaBarge Technologies

Rebecca Logsdon Muenich, BSBE ‘09

Assistant Professor of Environmental, Engineering, Arizona State University

Michael Taiwo, PhD Chemical Engineering ‘12

Operations Manager for North America, Shell Hydrogen

John M. Teeter, BSCE ‘07

President, C.R. Crawford Construction


Ellen Brune, BSChE ’09, Ph.D. ’13

Director, Emerging Technology & Product, Walmart Supply Chain

Jenny Doyle, BSCE ’12, MSCE ’14

Civil Engineer, Black & Veatch

Gage Greening, BSBmE ’14, Ph.D. ’19

Biomedical Research Associate Medical Technology, Enterprise Consortium 

Ahmed Hassan, Ph.D. ’10

Assistant Professor, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Lou Incrocci, MSOM ’12

Cold Mill Operations Manager, Nucor Steel

Becca Leonard, BSME ’11

Integration & Governance Manager, Onshore Power Infrastructure, Royal Dutch Shell group

James McCarty, BSBE ’06, MSBE ’15, Ph.D. ’20

Environmental Quality Manager, Beaver Water District

Jennifer Pazour, MSIE ’08, Ph.D. ’11

Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

TJ Sangameswaran, BSCmpE ’10, MSCS ’14

Co-founder & CEO, SupplyPike


Amanda Compean Day, BSChE ’13

Pilot Lab Manager, L’Oreal USA

Asmaa Elkadi, Ph.D. ’15

Principal Engineer, Global Foundries US, Inc.

Steven J. Head, P.E., BSCE ’10

Principal & Geotechnical, Department Head, McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Kyle David Kimpel, BSIE ’06

Senior Director - Supply, Chain Engineering, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Luke E. Osborn, BSME ’12

Postdoctoral Researcher, Johns Hopkins University

Kyle C. Sligar, MSOM ’13

President & CIO, Reich Brothers Business Solutions, LLC

Rusty Tate, P.E., BSBE ’08, MSEnE ’10

Water Design Center, Process Team Leader, Garver, LLC


Alfonso Camerlingo, MSOM 2014

Director, Global Supply Chain, Walmart

Royce W. Floyd, BSCE 2008, Ph.D. 2012

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, University of Oklahoma

Kyle Kruger, P.E., BSBE 2005, MSEnE 2009

Oklahoma Plant Team Leader, Garver

Willie Montgomery III, BSIE 2004, MSIE 2009

Senior Director of Data Science, Walmart

Tracie Stauffer Nutter, BSChE 2004

Business Manager, KOH, OxyChem

Ben Harris Rainwater, Ph.D., P.E., BSME 2010

Design Engineer, Brown Engineers, LLC.

Dr. Brian Rowden, MSEE 2005, Ph.D. 2010

Senior Application Engineer - Americas Danfoss Silicon Power - US


Eric A. DeCuir Jr. MS 2005, PhD 2008

Research Physicist, United States Army

Tyson Hall, BSCHE 2001, MBA 2002

General Manager of Commercial Business Unit and Head of Export Sales Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

Jessie Xu Jones, MSCE 2003

Division Head, Transportation Planning and Policy Division, Arkansas Department of Transportation

Jenni Kimpel, BSIE 2006

Director of Engineering and Technology, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

Drake McGruder, BSBE 2006, MSE 2012

Associate Director, The Kraft Heinz Company

Gregory Sisti BSME 2004

MQ-25 Program Integration Manager, Boeing Company 

Xiao, Zhichun PhD, MSCSE 2001, PhD 2005

Director, Technology Research Center, Sam’s Club


Andy Davis, P.E., BSCE 1999, MSCE 2001

Owner and President, New Water Systems, LLC.

Adam Ekenseair, Ph.D., BSCHE 2005

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

A. Matthew Francis, Ph.D., BSEE 2003, MSEE 2007, Ph.D. 2009

Founder, President and CEO, Ozark Integrated Circuits

Amanda Furr, P.E., C.H.F.M., BSIE 2003

Chief of Engineering Service, Department of Veterans Affairs Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

Toni Peacock McCrory, BSBAE 2007

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Senior Manager, Walmart Stores Inc.

Jonathan Schisler, BSCMP 2004, MSCMP 2005

Senior Information Systems Manager - Mobile Applications, J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.

Matt Zwicker, BSME 2003

Senior Research and Development Engineer, Airborne Systems North America


Keith Britton, B.S.C.E. 1997, M.S.C.E. 1999

Chief Executive Officer, Iconic Consulting Group Inc.

Jared Hornberger, B.S.E.E. 2002, M.S.E.E. 2005, Ph.D. 2012

Director of Manufacturing, Cree Fayetteville Inc.

Steven M. Karp, B.S.C.S.E. 1999

Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks

Matthew C. Loach, B.S.Ch.E. 1996

Financial Planning Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Co.

Kevin Oden, B.S.I.E. 2007, M.B.A. 2011

Partner, ImPro Advisors

Chris Pixley, B.S.B.A.E. 2002, Ph.D. 2013

Head of Production, Novozymes


Shawn K. Brewer, BSBAE '95, MSBAE '98

Hydraulic Engineer, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Jesse A. Buffington, BSME '07, BS'12

Lead-Exploration EVA Strategy and Archiecture Integration, NASA's Johnson Space Center

Edgar S. Cilio, BSEE '05, MSEE '10

Engineering Manager, APEI

Timothy S. Doolittle, BSChE, '97

Global Process Technology Associate, The Dow Chemical Company

Jaysson E. Funkhouser, BSCE '98, MSCE '00

Assistant Director, U.S. Geological Survey

William J. Richardson, BSBE '07

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Virginia Health System

Ami Spivey, BSIE '95

Senior Vice President, Walmart International

Jeremy W. Stobaugh, BSCSE '00

Director of Information Services, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.


Drew Harrison, BSIE '00

Vice President of Operations, Harrison Energy Partners

Douglas Hutchings, MS '07, PhD '10

Founder and CEO, Silicon Solar Solutions and Picasolar

Robin Prince, BSME '03

Postdoctoral Associate, University of California

Kyle Rogers, BSCS '97

Chief Technical Officer, SOAPware

Kevin Speer, BSEE '03

District Manager, Industrial Power Control Division, Infineon

Greg Schluterman, BSAE '99, MSME '02

Program Manager, Harrison French & Associates

Richard Welcher, BSCE '99, MSCE '04

Vice President and Principal, Tatum-Smith Engineers, Inc.

Greg Whitsitt, BSCSE '99

Managing Architect, Cerner Corporation


Dustin Beebe, BSChE '96

President and CEO, ProSys

Bryan Billingsley, BSIE '97

President, HEBCO, Inc.

Ben Hood, BSCE, BS '02

Chief Technology Officer, Grid Potential

Gaven Smith, BSCE '00

Director of Information Services, J.B. Hunt


Heath Bebout, BSEE, '95; MSEE '97

Department Manager for Simulation and Analysis, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

Meagan Berlau, BSCE '08

Assistant Structural Engineer, Burns and McDonnell

Anthony Doss, BSBE '96

Director of Process and Design Engineering, Tyson Foods

Thomas Duncan, BSIE '05

Investment Banking Associate, Wells Fargo Securities

Thomas Duncan, BSIE '05

Investment Banking Associate, Wells Fargo Securities

Stephan Durham, BSCE '01, MSCE '03, PhD '05

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Georgia

Tyler Gipson, BSBE '04

Hydraulic Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Tea Williams, BSEE '02, MSEE '04

IC Design Engineer, Texas Instruments 


Charles D. Jeffers, BSCmpe ’02, MBA ’03, MSIS ’06, MSOM ’09

The Hershey Company

William T. Sommers, BSEE ’96, MSEE ‘98

Program Manager, Northrop Grumman

James P. Strickland, BSME ‘98

Project Manager, Garver LLC


Natalie Becknell, BSCE ’03, MS ’05

Project Manager, Garver Engineers, Inc.

Bradley Nolan Gentry, BSEE ’98, MS ’00

Advisory Radar Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

Denese Jackson, BSChE ’90

Site Change Leader, The Dow Chemical Company

Marcelo Schupbach, BSEE ’97, MS ’00, PhD ’04

Chief Technology Officer, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.


Steven R. Beam, Jr., BSCE ’02, MS’03

Vice-President, Crafton, Tull, Sparks, and Associates, Inc.

Jairo de Jesus, BSIE ’99, MBA ’02, MS’10

Director, Industrial Engineering, Farmland Foods

Roger Cordes,BSME ’91, MS ’92, PhD ’96, MBA ’02

Senior Associate, Stress Engineering Services, Inc

Ty Richard McNutt, BS ’98, MS ’01, PhD ’04

Program Manager, Advanced Concepts & Technologies Division, Northrop Grumman

Shada M. Roberts, BSCE ’02, MS ’03

Project Engineer, Garver Engineers, Inc.


Dawn Kathleen Wheeler, BSBAE ’99, MBA ‘00

Woodyard Manager, International Paper

Kevin C. Henry, BSBAE ‘99

Brand Operations, Matrix, Inc.-Professional Products Division of L'Oreal USA


Stanley B. Andrews, BSAGE ’90; MSBAE ‘93

Vice President of Operations, The Engineering Institute, Inc.

Matthew W. Connolly, BSME ‘92

Director of Supply Chain, Clorox Company

W. Grant Ducote, BSIE ’91; MSIE ‘93

Director of Engineering, JB Hunt Transport, Inc.

Cyndie M. Fredrick, BSCHE ‘92

Director of Project Operations, Merichem Company

Stacy L. Gunderman

Manager, Human Resources, FutureFuel Chemically

Greg Langham, BSCSE ‘94

Vice President, United-Bilt Homes, Inc.

Shreenath Rao, MSTE ‘97

Senior Engineer, Applied Research Associates, Inc.


Christopher D. Baltz, BSIE ‘88

Senior Vice President, Yield Management and Strategic Development, ABF Freight System, Inc.

Brock Hoskins, PE, BSCE ’89

Vice President and Senior Project Manager, Garver Engineers, Inc.

Christopher S. Knight, BSChE ‘’94; MSChE ‘95

Strategic Supply Associate, Albermarle Corporation

Alexander B. Lostetter, Ph.D. ‘03

President, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.

Scott Mills, BSCSE ‘94

Cofounder, IFWORLD Inc.

Jerry D. Newton, BSME ‘95

Manager, Manufacturing and Product Support, John Deere Russian Operations

Matthew Romine, BSCSE ’95; MSE ‘99

Cofounder, IFWORLD Inc.

Jeremy Webb, BSCSE ‘97

Cofounder, IFWORLD Inc.


Scott E. Bennett, BSCE ’89, MSCE ‘94

Assistant Chief Engineer, Planning, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

Shannon D. Harrop, BSME ‘92

National Account Director, Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.

Bruce D. Lilly, BSChE ‘92

Manufacturing Support Manager, Exxon Mobil Chemical

Marji McNeill, BSChE ‘91

Director, Audit and Assurance, Koch Industries, Inc.

Jerry Lynn Moore, Jr., BSCSE ’94, MSCSE ‘96

Chief Executive Officer, Focus Technologies, LLC

Brett A. Peters, BSIE ‘87

Professor and Head, Industrial Engineering, Texas A∓M University

Bruce Westerman, BSBAE ‘90

Engineer and Forester, Mid-South Engineering Company