James M Hefley

Jim Hefley


James M. Hefley

BSIE '61

Executive Vice President (retired)

Gemini Consulting

Jim Hefley’s career began with a stint in the army, where he took the advice of an IBM employee and asked to be assigned to the data processing center. There, he acquired skills in the brand new field of computer science. It was also during that time that he learned invaluable management skills that served him well the remainder of his career. In 1962, Jim started working for IBM and stayed with that company for 19 years until he left to help build Gemini Consulting, a management consulting company focused on business issues. In 1992, Gemini’s board asked Jim to help jumpstart the company’s expansion in Europe. After an initial year in London, Jim spent one week a month in Europe for the next five years, helping integrate Gemini’s European consulting business and expand their offices in England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.