Edward M. Harvey

Edward M. Harvey
BSME ‘54
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Harvey Industries, Inc.

Ed Harvey always imagined working for himself one day. Only eight years after graduation, he founded Harvey Engineering and Manufacturing Corp., in Hot Springs. Steadily purchasing competitors, the company grew to include several subsidiaries. Much of their success was due to constant innovation, including several patents in the fields of lumber sorting, scanning and handling equipment. The company and subsidiaries were sold in 1992 to the Hawker Siddley Corporation.

In 1995, he established Harvey-Yar, a lumber manufacturing company based in Yar, Russia, and two years later set up a company in Riga, Latvia to export lumber to the United Kingdom. Harvey owns controlling interests in several other companies operating in the banking, lumber, manufacturing and transportation industries.

He is a member of the Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering.