David D. Foust

David Foust


David D. Foust

BSIE, 1964

Vice President and General Manager of the Americas (retired)


David Foust was born in Heber Springs, graduated from high school in 1958 and entered the U of A the same year. He faced the traditional challenges of a working student, but through the encouragement of Dr. John Imhoff, his mentor, and others, he earned his BSIE degree in 1963.

David met his wife of 52 years, Nancy Campbell, in Pocahontas, while working a summer job with Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America. After graduation, David accepted full time employment with NGPL. At NGPL, he oversaw the installation of reciprocating engines, turbine engines and underground storage of natural gas. He also spent two years with the US Army Corps of Engineers, which included a tour in Vietnam.

He then joined General Electric in Somerset, Kentucky. He worked in the lamp division and had assignments in thirteen glass and lamp plants, leading to plant superintendent.

In 1975, Bekaert Corporation recruited David to help locate and start operations in Van Buren. After plant management, David was elected vice president and general manager, North America. He relocated from Van Buren to Atlanta, where he established the Bekaert USA headquarters and remained there until his retirement in 1996. During David’s time with Bekaert, the Foust Family lived in Belgium and learned to appreciate the international flavor, the people and values of Belgium and Europe. They hosted Belgian students annually during the summers and were enriched by the cultural exchanges.

After retirement from Bekaert, David accepted a turnaround project as president and chief executive officer of Seneca Wire and Manufacturing in northern Ohio, a non-competitor of Bekaert. The turnaround was achieved and David’s final retirement occurred in 2001. Fifteen years later, Seneca is thriving.

David and Nancy have two children. Daughter Kimberly Brunell obtained her undergraduate and law degrees from the U of A and is married to John Brunell. They have one daughter, Amanda. Their son Steve Foust graduated from Georgia State University and lives in Carthage, Missouri with wife Beth and daughter Addie.