Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions concerning advisors or advisement, please contact your department, especially if you do not have an advisor assigned. Each department is responsible for assigning advisors for its students.

For other UAConnect tutorials, help, or information, please visit the help page or contact the Office of Student Records in Bell 3189 for assistance.

If you want to change majors within the College of Engineering (i.e. from electrical engineering to mechanical engineering) or you want to change into the College of Engineering from another college (i.e. from architecture to civil engineering), please come to the Student Records Office in Bell 3189 and complete the program/plan change request form. The office staff will process your major change in UAConnect.

However, if you would like to change out of the College of Engineering, you'll need to contact the Dean's office of the college you wish to transfer to in order to find out their procedures.

To declare a minor, you will need to visit the Office of Student Records in Bell 3189. Nanotechology, psychology, and foundations of sustainability minors will need special permission from their respective departments.

*Pre-med is a designation, not a minor. Add pre-med to your plan to receive emails about medical schools.

Any major in addition to an engineering major (even another engineering major) is actually a dual degree. For example, if you decide to pursue a physics degree in addition to an engineering degree, you will need to contact the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office to declare it as a second degree rather than a second major. Be sure to clarify that you are declaring a second degree, so the Dean’s Office can fill out the form appropriately and submit it to the Registrar's Office to have it updated in UAConnect.

You initiate a graduation application by logging on to UAConnect and going to your Student Center. See detailed instructions on the Registrar’s website.

Summary: From the Student Center in UAConnect, under Academics, there is a drop down box – select “Apply for Graduation.” At the ‘Submit an Application for Graduation” page, note the current degree and major listed on our records. If this information is incorrect you will need to stop your application and contact your Dean’s Office to have it corrected. If you do not see the Apply for Graduation link beside your current degree and major you have not earned enough hours to apply for graduation at this time.

  • Any last minute changes (adding or dropping minors, honors, etc.) must be processed before you apply for graduation. Contact the Dean’s Office in BELL 3189 to complete the Plan Change form or email to make changes. Please do this before you apply for graduation.
  • When applying, your “Graduation Term” is the semester in which all the course work required for your degree is completed. All course work for any minors must also be completed to graduate with the minor.
  • Commencement takes place each year in May and December; however, you can still walk in the ceremony of your choice if you apply for a different term. For example, if you plan to complete your degree requirements in the summer, you can still select to walk in the Spring/May commencement.
  • Your diploma will be mailed to you from the Registrar’s Office six to eight weeks following the end of the semester you graduate. Therefore, it is important that you provide an accurate, long term address in your application.

If you have applied to graduate, but need to change your graduation term—please complete and return this form to the Registrar's Office.

No. The lower-level humanities/social science courses are part of the state minimum core and no substitutions are allowed. Check with your department for their specific combination requirements.

For some colleges and universities, the University of Arkansas has a transfer equivalency agreement. If you go to you can view the courses that will be accepted for transfer from the listed institutions.

However, if a course is not on the list, contact your advisor in your academic department. You may need to fill out a transfer petition form. Additionally, each department evaluates the courses that it will or will not accept as credit toward a major. Depending on the accreditation of your prior institution, what the course(s) covered, and other factors will determine the possibility of transfer credit for major coursework. Please contact your academic department prior to taking courses at another institution. For more information on University policies for transfer credit and for resources for transfer students, please visit

Students are permitted to take up to 18 hours each regular academic semester (fall or spring) or 12 hours for the entire summer term (6 per summer session). For approval to take up to 21 hours during fall or spring academic semesters, or up to 14 for the entire summer term (7 per summer session), complete the "Overload Petition Form" and return it to the Student Records Office in Bell 3189. If approved, your enrollment cap will be increased to the requested number of hours in UAConnect, and you will be able to self-enroll. However, if your request is denied, you will receive an e-mail.

For any other questions concerning overloads, contact Thomas Carter III by e-mail at or by phone at (479) 575-5009.

Undergraduate students receiving an ABET accredited degree (see Accreditation) can sign up to take the Fundamentals of Engineering FE exam prior to graduation. The success/pass rate decreases significantly among those who wait to take the exam after they graduate. Please contact your academic departmental office for questions about the version of the exam you should register for and the recommended time, in your academic program, that you should take the exam.

To initiate test registration:

Students must create an account on the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) website. Once an account is created, you may register and pay for the exam directly with NCEES. NCEES will send an email back to the student in two to three days giving them an opportunity to pick a time and location for the examination.

Test location:

The University of Arkansas has a PearsonVUE testing center on our campus at Testing Services ( where you may take the exam. It is located at 1435 W. Walton Street, on Razorback Road across from the football practice fields.

The following are links to important information available at NCEES:

Registration as an Engineering Intern (EI)

Registration as an EI with the State of Arkansas is not automatic. Once you have passed the FE exam and received your EAC of ABET degree, you may choose to register with the Arkansas State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors at: There will be a separate fee for registering with the Arkansas Board.

If you still have questions, you may contact NCEES for FE questions and the Arkansas Board for IE questions:

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which is a federal law that protects the privacy rights of a student's educational record. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under any program administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Under FERPA, schools may disclose without consent "directory" or "public" information about a student (such as name, address, dates of attendance), provided that the student has reasonable opportunity to restrict, in writing, the disclosure of such information.

You can restrict the information the University releases through UAConnect by visiting the Personal Information area of the Student Center and clicking Privacy Settings from the drop-down menu. You can elect to restrict only limited information (such as address or phone) or restrict all directory information from release to campus directories or third parties. FERPA restrictions can be updated at any time by clicking the EditFERPA Directory Restrictions link in the Student Center.

Restricting your FERPA information has several implications. Some FERPA restrictions may prevent your name from going on the sidewalk, your name and degree information from going in the commencement bulletin, public release of Dean's List recipients, and any news release concerning awards, internships, etc., unless you fill out the appropriate paperwork or only restrict selected information such as phone number and current address. So be aware that if you restrict your FERPA information, it could have some undesirable effects.

For more information about FERPA see the Undergraduate Catalog of Studies or contact the Registrar's Office at (479) 575-5451.

For any additional questions, please visit the Office of Student Records in Bell 3189 or call (479) 575-6012.

College of Engineering Forms

Overload Petition Form

Override Form

Student Group Room Reservation

NOTE: Use the electronic override form for changes to enrollment and overrides inside the department. This form MAY NOT be used for classes taken outside of the College of Engineering. Please right click and select "save" or "save as to download" and fill out this form in Adobe Reader. It may not work properly in your browser directly. Please submit override form from your uark student email account.