2022 AMLI

Program Begins: June 5, 2022

Program Ends: July 31, 2022

  • On-campus housing
  • Meals allowance provided
  • $4,800 for the 8-week program



NACME Google Applied Machine Learning Intensive (AMLI) Summer 2022 Bootcamp

The goal of the NACME-Google AMLI Summer Bootcamp is to provide students with an introduction to computer science content to be qualified for positions as entry-level Machine Learning Specialists. Specifically, to prepare talent to understand how to apply statistics and machine learning to solve real-world data science problems. The bootcamp aims to expose URM students to advanced concepts in artificial intelligence/machine learning using Google Education’s open-sourced curriculum. The AMLI curriculum will enable NACME partner institutions to give students the foundation they need to work with large datasets and solve real-world problems.

As machine learning (ML) becomes a powerful tool across industries — from healthcare and retail to investment banking and insurance — there is a growing need for a workforce that understands how to apply ML strategically and use ML models to collaborate with data scientists and engineers for maximum business impact. The 8-week machine learning curriculum gives students the strong computer science foundation they need to work with large datasets and solve real-world problems. Classroom time is dedicated to hands-on learning, with faculty-supported, collaborative project work. Students learn actively outside of class, with instruction and new concepts delivered in person.


Did You Know?

Fayetteville, AR was placed in the top 10 of Best Places to Live by U.S. News 2016 -2022 and was named whithin top 20 Best College Towns by WalletHub in 2022.