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Gary Prinz

Gary Prinz

Associate Professor


(CVEG)-Civil Engineering

Phone: 479-575-2494

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  • Fundamentals of Fracture and Fatigue in Structures
  • Seismic design solutions for steel structures
  • Mechanics and simulation of ductile fracture
  • Ultra low-cycle fatigue
  • Computer simulation of structures under dynamic loads
  • Post-doc, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
  • Ph.D., Brigham Young University
  • M.S., Brigham Young University
  • B.S., Brigham Young University
  • Ovuoba, B., Prinz, G. 2018, “Investigation of Residual Fatigue Life in Shear Studs of Existing Composite Bridge Girders Following Decades of Traffic Loading”, Engineering Structures, 161 (15), 134 – 145.
  • Noernberg, M., Prinz, G., 2018, “Automated Pin-Dot Marking Effects on Steel Bridge Component Fatigue Capacity”, Journal of Constructional Steel Research 142, 1 – 4.
  • Cortes, G., Prinz, G., 2017, “Seismic Fragility Analysis of Large Unanchored Steel Tanks Considering Local Instability and Fatigue Damage”, Bulletin Earthquake Engineering 15 (3), 1279 – 1295.
  • Ovuoba, B., Prinz, G. 2016, “Fatigue Capacity of Headed Shear Studs in Composite Bridge Girders”, Journal of Bridge Engineering, 21 (12), 04016094.
  • Prinz, G., Richards, P. 2015, “Demand on Reduced Beam Section Connections with Out-of-plane Skew”, Journal of Structural Engineering, 142 (1), 04015095.