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Jamie A. Hestekin

Jamie A. Hestekin

Professor, Ralph E. Martin Professorship in Chemical Engineering


(CHEG)-Chemical Engineering

Phone: 479-575-3492

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Dr. Jamie Hestekin received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in 1995 from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and his PhD in chemical engineering in 2000 from the University of Kentucky under the advisement of Dr. D. Bhattacharyya.  He spent three years at Argonne National Laboratory where he worked on a research project that won a prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2006.  He spent 3 years at Kraft Foods while co-inventing the milk component of Tassimo Hot Beverage System.  He is an associate professor at the University of Arkansas where he has won a faculty gold medal, one of 7 given out campus wide each year for outstanding service to undergraduates; was in the inaugural class of the Honors College distinguished faculty award, one of 10 given out university wide; has been to the National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering and Frontiers of Engineering Education Camps; was conference co-chair for the 2012 North American Membrane Society Annual Meeting; and currently serves as secretary for the North American Membrane Society as well as many other activities.  Hestekin students have won many national awards including 4 NSF graduate research fellowships, a Ford Foundation Fellowship, a DOD SMART fellowship, 1 Goldwater Fellowship (2 honorable mentions), 2 EPA GRO Fellowships, and many other awards. 

Research in the Jamie Hestekin group is broken into two areas.  The first area focuses on charged separations, mainly using wafer enhanced electrodeionization, and applications of these charged separations.  This has been applied to separation of ions from grape juices, biofuel cell ion removal, and the modeling and selective separation of organic acids from fermentations.  The second area focuses on the extraction of oils and carbohydrates from algae and their ultimate production into both biodiesel and butanol.  Student projects in this area include enhancement of butyric acid fermentation with electrodeionization for continuous product separation, direct conversion of algae into butanol, the production of biodiesel from lipids using continuous supercritical methanol esterifications, and the extraction of carbohydrates and lipids from algae using mechanical disruption coupled with sonication.

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky, 2000
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Duluth, 1995
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  • Jernigan, Alice, Michael May, Thomas Potts, Brigitte Rodgers, Jamie Hestekin, Peter I. May, John McLaughlin, Robert R. Beitle, and Christa Hestekin. "Effects of drying and storage on year-round production of butanol and biodiesel from algal carbohydrates and lipids using algae from water remediation." Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 32, no. 4 (2013): 1013-1022.
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