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Donald K. Roper

Donald K. Roper

Professor, Charles W. Oxford Endowed Professorship in Emerging Technologies

Department of Chemical Engineering

College of Engineering

(CHEG)-Chemical Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6691

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Dr. Roper examines electrodynamics in nanomaterials and bio/chemical systems for biomedicine, sustainable energy, and optoelectronics.  Particular examples are light-active nanostructured metamaterials (e.g., nanoplamonics) for detectors, microarrays, and NEMS; nanolithography and electron microscopy for sensors, optodes, and sensorimotor circuits; graphene and stanene-based 2D materials; and functional membranes for biofuels and fuel cells.  Dr. Roper has developed processes for cell culture, fermentation, biorecovery and analysis of polysaccharide, protein, DNA and adenoviral-vectored antigens at Merck & Co. (West Point, PA), extraction of photodynamic cancer therapeutics at Frontier Scientific, Inc. (Logan, UT), and virus binding methods for Millipore Corp (Billerica, MA).  His research has led to 45+ peer reviewed publications and proceedings, 4 Patents, 6 patent applications, 1 viral and 3 bacterial vaccine products, 6 process documents, and 130+ presentations and process equipment designs.   He has advised 3 post-docs, 4 PhD graduates, 6 MS graduates, and 80+ undergraduates in his academic group and has directed research of 2000+ B.S. to Ph.D. level engineers and scientists in over 20 years in government, academe, industry, and small business.  He holds memberships in Tau Beta Pi, ACS, AIChE, ASEE, AVS, and IEEE. He is an invited Member of the Arkansas Academy of Science and Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).  Dr. Roper currently serves as Program Director in the Engineering, Education, and Centers Division of the Engineering Directorate at the National Science Foundation.

  • BSChE, Brigham Young University, 1989
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1994

Polarization angle affects energy of plasmonic features in Fano resonant regular lattices 
DeJarnette, Drew; Jang, Gyoung; Blake, Phillip; Roper, D.K.  
Journal of Optics, accepted July 8, 2014.

Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Tin(II) by Redox Reaction using 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine dihydrochloride and N-bromosuccinimide
X. Wei, G. Jang, D.K. Roper
Journal of Analytical Chemistry, accepted May 29, 2014.

Photothermal Response of Plasmonic Nanoconglomerates in Assembled Films by Electroless Plating
M. Lisunova, X. Wei, D. DeJarnette, G.T. Forcherio, K. Berry, P. Blake, D.K. Roper
Royal Society of Chemistry Advances (2014), accepted Apr 29, 2014.

Diffraction in Nanoparticle Lattices Increases Sensitivity of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance to Refractive Index Changes
P. Blake, S. Kuhne, G.T. Forcherio, D.K. Roper
Journal of Nanophotonics (2014), accepted Apr 9, 2014.

Gold Nanoparticle Polydimethylsiloxane Thin Films Enhance Thermoplasmonic Dissipation by Internal Reflection
J.R. Dunklin, G.T. Forcherio, K.R. Berry, D.K. Roper
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2014), 118 (14), pp 7523-7531

Tin Sensitization for Electroless Plating Review
Xingfei Wei and D.K. Roper
Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2014), 161(5) D235-D242.

Geometric optics of gold nanoparticle-polydimethylsiloxane thin film systems
J.R. Dunklin, G.T. Forcherio, D.K. Roper
Optical Materials Express (2014), 4(2), 375-383.

Polylogarithm-based computation of Fano resonance in arrayed dipole scatterers
J. Norman, D. DeJarnette, D. K. Roper
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2014), 118(1), 627-634.

Far-field Fano resonance in nanoring lattices modeled from extracted, point dipole polarizability
D. DeJarnette, P. Blake, G.T. Forcherio, D. K. Roper
Journal of Applied Physics (2014), 115(2), 024306.

Aqueous dispersion of plasmonic hollow metal nanoparticles
M. Lisunova, J. Norman, X. Wei, S. Jenkins, J. Chen, D. K. Roper
Materials Letters (2014), 117(15), 241-243.

Rapid attribution of Fano resonant features to plasmonic particle size, lattice constant, and dielectric wavenumber in square nanoparticle arrays
D. DeJarnette, J. Norman, D.K. Roper
Photonics Research (2014), 2(1), 15-23.

Modulation of plasmonic Fano resonance by the shape of the nanoparticles in ordered arrays
M. Lisunova, J. Norman, P. Blake, G.T. Forcherio, D. DeJarnette, D.K. Roper
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2013), 46(48), 485103.

Asymmetric reduction of gold nanoparticles into thermoplasmonic polydimethylsiloxane thin films
J.R. Dunklin, G.T. Forcherio, K.R. Berry, D.K. Roper
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2013), 5(17), 8457-8466.

Optical attenuation of plasmonic nanocomposites within photonic devices
G.T. Forcherio, D.K. Roper
Applied Optics (2013), 52(25), 6417-6427.

Rate-limited electroless gold thin film growth: a real-time study
G.-G. Jang, P. Blake, D.K. Roper
Langmuir (2013), 29(18), 5476-5486.

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