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Xiao Liu

Xiao Liu

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering

(INEG)-Industrial Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6033

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I joined the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas, as an Assistant Professor from June 2017. Before that, I was a Research Scientist at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York (2015~2017), and IBM Research Collaboratory Singapore (2012~2015). I also served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore (2013~2016), a postdoctoral researcher on a joint project between Rutgers University, New Jersey, and Qatar University, Doha, Qatar (2011~2012), and I am currently on the editorial board of Quality and Reliability Engineering International (Apr 2016~Present). 

My research focuses on engineering probability and statistics, spatio-temporal modeling, big data analytics, and various engineering-knowledge-based data-driven methodologies in broad areas such as quality and reliability, manufacturing yield prediction, preventive maintenance, urban air quality modeling, extreme weather events prediction, etc.  

I have published in peer-reviewed journals including Technometrics, Annals of Applied Statistics, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Journal of Quality Technology, IIE Transactions, etc. I received the prestigious Ralph A. Evans/P.K. McElroy Award for the best paper at RAMS 2011, Best Referred Paper Award of the Quality, Statistics and Reliability (QSR) section at INFORMS 2016, and IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in both 2015 and 2017. 

(PhD and Research Assistant Positions are available; please contact me if you are interested)

Research Focus:

  • Applied probability and statistics
  • Spatio-temporal modeling
  • Big data
  • Statistical learning

Application Areas: 

  • Reliability modeling and data analysis.
  • Optimum planning and inference for reliability testing experiments. 
  • Degradation modeling and preventive maintenance. 
  • Yield prediction for silicon wafers based on sensor data.
  • Environmental modeling: Urban air quality models; extreme weather events modeling  

INEG 2313: Applied Probability and Statistics

INEG 410V/514V: Special Topics in Industrial Engineering (Modern Statistical Techniques for Real Industrial Problems)

Ph. D, Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore

B.Eng, Mechanical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China 

Journal papers:

  1. Yeo, K.M., Hwang, Y.D., Liu, X., and Kalagnanam (2018), "Development of a spectral source inverse model by using generalized polynomial chaos", under review and is available at arXiv:1801.03009
  2. Liu, X., Yeo, K.M. and Kalagnanam, J. (2018),  "A Statistical Modeling Approach for Spatio-Temporal Degradation Data", Journal of Quality Technology, to appear; available at arXiv:1609.07217v2.
  3. Liu, X., Gopal, V., and Kalagnanam, J. (2017), "A Spatio-Temporal Modeling Framework for Weather Radar Image Data in Tropical Southeast Asia",  Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear. 
  4. Liu, X., Yeo, K.M., Hwang, Y.D., Singh, J. and Kalagnanam, J. (2016) "A Statistical Modeling Approach for Air Quality Data Based on Physical Dispersion Processes and Its Application to Ozone Modeling", Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(2), 756-785.
  5. Liu, X. and Tang, L.C. (2016) "Reliability Analysis and Spares Provisioning for Repairable Systems with Dependent Failure Processes and Time-Varying Installed Base", IIE Transactions, 48, 43--56. (Featured in Industrial Engineer Magazine Dec 2015). 
  6. Yeo, K., Hwang, Y., Liu, X. and Kalagnanam, J. (2016), "Stochastic Optimization Algorithm for Inverse Modeling of Air Pollution", Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 61.
  7. Singh, J., Yeo, K., Liu, X., Hosseini, R., and Kalagnanam, J. (2016), "Evaluation of WRF model seasonal forecasts for tropical region of Singapore", Advanced in Science and Research, 12, 69-72.
  8. Liu, X., Al-Khalifa. K., Elsayed, A.E., Coit, D.W, and Hamouda, A.M. (2014) "Criticality Measures for Components with Multi-Dimensional Degradation", IIE Transactions, 46, 987–998.
  9. Liu, X. and Tang, L.C. (2013) "Planning Accelerated Life Tests with Scheduled Inspections for Log-Location-Scale Distributions", IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 62(2), 515 - 526.
  10. Liu, X. (2012) "Planning of Accelerated Life Tests with Dependent Failure Modes Based on a Gamma Frailty Model", Technometrics, 54(4), 398-409. AMSTATNEWS:  http://magazine.amstat.org/blog/2012/11/01/design-and-model-selection/ 
  11. Liu, X., Li, J.R., Al-Khalifa. K., Hamouda, A.M., Coit, D.W, and Elsayed, A.E., (2012) "Condition-Based Maintenance for Continuously Monitored Degrading Systems with Multiple Failure Modes", IIE Transactions, 45, 422-435, (Among the top 10 most read article in IIE Transactions as of Sep 2015; Featured in Industrial Engineer Magazine, Mar 2013)
  12. Liu, X. and Tang, L.C. (2012) "Analysis for Reliability Experiments under Blocking", Journal of Quality Technology and Quantitative Management, Special Issue: Reliability Modeling, Inference and Analysis, 10, 141-160.
  13. Liu, X. and Qiu, W.S. (2011) "Modelling and Planning of Step-Stress Accelerated Life Tests with Independent Competing Risks", IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 60(4), 712-720. Top accessed article of the journal in Jan 2012 (rank:2)
  14. Liu, X. and Tang, L.C. (2010) "Accelerated Life Test Plans for Repairable Systems with Multiple Independent Risk", IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 59(1), 115-127. (2010 National Semiconductor Gold Medal, ISE Department, National University of Singapore).
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  18. Liu, X. and Tang, L.C. (2009) "A Sequential Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Testing Scheme and Its Bayesian Inference", Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 25(1), 91-109.

Editorial Board, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 2016~present.