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Buddy Babcock

Buddy Babcock


College of Engineering

(CHEG)-Chemical Engineering

Phone: 479-575-5410

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Dr. R. E. “Buddy” Babcock has a 45 year history of teaching and conducting academic research at the University of Arkansas. After receiving his degrees from the University of Oklahoma, he joined the Exxon Production Research facility on Buffalo Speedway in Houston, Texas. After serving there as a Senior Research Engineer for approximately two years, he joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1965. A consistent thread among his teaching and research projects is the theme of thermodynamics and fluid flow with an “environmental” emphasis. He was Director of the Arkansas Water Resources Research Center for 11 years and served as Associate Director of the Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium for ten years. This consortium of four universities (University of Arkansas, Tulsa University, Oklahoma University, and Oklahoma State University) conducted over $10 million worth of environmentally related projects central to the domestic petroleum industry. Babcock was elected AIChE Fellow in 2000. In recent years, Babcock has devoted his research efforts to fugitive hydrocarbon vapors and alternative fuels and his teaching efforts to report writing and proper laboratory protocol.

  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1959
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1962 
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1964   
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  • Babcock, R.E., J.L. Turpin, and W. H. Beaver, "Recovery of Fatty Acid from a Solvated Hydrocarbon Mixture,"Chemical Engineering Communications, 57, 245-263 (1987).
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  • Arabshahi, S.H., M.D. Ackerson, W. C. Rye, and R.E. Babcock, "Liquid Partitioning of Amphiphilic Solutions Related to the Solvent Extraction of Bitumen from Tar Sands," Chemical Engineering Communications, 89, 195-208 (1990).
  • Eldridge, Bruce R. and R.E. Babcock, "Oil Contamination Removal from Drill Cuttings by Supercritical Extraction," proceedings of the 3rd International Petroleum Environmental Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 24 - 27, 1996.
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  • White, Kristopher, Nikki Lorenz, Tom Potts, W. Roy Penney, Robert Babcock, Amber Hardison, Elizabeth A. Canuel, and Jamie A. Hestekin. "Production of biodiesel fuel from tall oil fatty acids via high temperature methanol reaction." Fuel 90, no. 11 (2011): 3193-3199.

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