Register for Co-op

Apply for a co-op

International StudentsPlease note that all international students who intend to register for the co-op course also need to declare their intent to apply for CPT with the International Students and Scholars Office. To accomplish this, please complete their form in ISSLink. For more questions on how to complete this form, please contact ISS directly.

All Students: The process for enrolling for the cooperative education course is different than the process for enrolling in other courses. You are not able to add yourself into the course on UAConnect. Instead you must go through our course enrollment system.

Upon registering for the course online, two emails will be sent out from our online database system. The first email will be send to the student, asking the student to write 3 learning objectives and to write one action step for each objective. The second email will be sent to the student’s co-op supervisor and will ask him/her to fill out the Job Placement Form and Employer Role Agreement Form. Students are encouraged to confirm that their employer has received this email.

Once these documents have been submitted, the database system will send an email to the Co-op Coordinator asking for the student's eligibility for the course to be confirmed.  Once this form has been submitted, the database will send out another round of emails. The first email will go the student and will ask him/her to set up a meeting with their faculty co-op advisor to discuss their co-op. The second email will contain the Faculty Approval Form and will go to the faculty co-op advisor asking them to approve the student’s co-op. Once this form is submitted, the final round of emails will be sent out. The first email will go to the student and will inform him/her that they have been successfully enrolled in the course. It will also tell them that if they are an international student they need to meet with the International Students and Scholars Office regarding their I-20 form.

The second email will be sent to the College of Engineering Dean’s Office asking them to enroll the student in the appropriate course. If you do not see your course enrollment on UAConnect within 7 days of filling out the initial registration form, please contact Kelsey Lavigne at or 479-575-3198.

Below is an image that shows the process.

Coop Registration Process Chart