Research assistantships are awarded by professors with research money. Most students are supported by research assistantships from their major professors. When your application for admission is sent to the Department by the Graduate Admissions Office, your application will be circulated among the department faculty to see if any faculty are willing to commit to provide you with financial support.

College of Engineering doctoral stipends range from $1,500 per month, plus tuition, up to $30,000 per year, plus tuition for a half-time graduate assistantship. The following table highlights stipends for half-time doctoral graduate assistantships. All stipend amounts are effective as of fall 2015.

Department Tuition Paid by Department Minimum Stipend/Month Maximum Stipend/Year
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Yes $1,500 $30,000
Biomedical Engineering Yes $1,666 $30,000
Chemical Engineering Yes $1,666 $30,000
Civil Engineering Yes $1,500 $30,000
Computer Science & Computer Engineering Yes $1,500 $30,000
Electrical Engineering Yes $1,500 $30,000
Industrial Engineering Yes $1,700 $30,000
Mechanical Engineering Yes $1,500 $30,000
Microelectronics-Photonics (with engineering major professor) Yes $1,500 $30,000

Prospective U of A graduate students can also apply for Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships and Doctoral Academy Fellowships. See the Graduate School website for more information


Additional scholarship options are available.