Planning Process

According to the U.S. News and World Report, The U of A College of Engineering currently ranks 66th among graduate engineering programs at public research universities. As engineers, our focus is on high impact applications which provide technologies that are catalysts for economic development. Our mission involves education, research, and service related to the engineering disciplines. Our students enter technology professions that help industry compete within the state of Arkansas and throughout the world.

Consistent with the University vision statement, the College of Engineering aims to become a Top 50 public university graduate engineering program. The College of Engineering strategic plan

  • reviews, revises, and updates the CoE’s vision statement, mission statement, stakeholders, core values, and strategic goals
  • updates and adds new metrics and sets measurable target goals
  • provides an action plan for achieving the goals

Earlier strategic planning reviews took place in 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2011. The CoE Fact Book provides background on the CoE. Accreditation program reviews periodically assess our program curricula. A complementary CoE Research Task Force Report provides a roadmap for future research investments.

The current CoE Strategic Plan is the work of a 12-person committee representing each engineering department, the First-Year Engineering Program, and the college administration. It received recommendations and reviews from the college’s faculty, staff, administrators, students, and industrial advisors. The current plan takes into account national benchmarks (USNWR, American Society for Engineering Education, Top American Research Universities); the U of A vision and Top 50 website, institutional goals, and documents including Transforming the Flagship and Transparency Progress Report; and College of Engineering documents including the 2009 Strategic Plan, the Fact Book, ABET accreditation reports, and the Research Task Force Report.

The aim of the CoE strategic plan is to take the college to the next level by providing an executable plan for continuous improvement. Following a discussion of the initial strategic plan by the College of Engineering faculty and staff at the faculty meeting in December 2014, the college’s Senior Administrative Team, plus two staff members selected at large will set priorities and oversee execution and refinement of the plan. This group will be named the College of Engineering Strategic Planning Council and will convene with the dean for successive updates at least once a year.