The College of Engineering's Statement on #BlackatUark

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The stories of racism experienced by our students and told most recently through #BlackatUark posts are painful and unacceptable.

The College of Engineering cannot continue to ignore the role we’ve played in perpetuating a racist society. We must act to ensure our Black students feel heard, safe and supported. The world needs Black STEM majors more than ever. 

The best apology is changed behavior. Our first actions this summer are: 

  • Working with our National Society of Black Engineers to ensure our actions address the experiences we’ve seen through the #BlackatUARK posts
  • Faculty and staff will complete cultural competency training to address the underlying issues
  • Reallocate additional funding for NSBE professional development and travel.  Increase scholarship funding for Black students.

It is not the job of our students, staff and faculty who have been affected by systemic racism to educate those who have not. That said, anyone who desires to share their story, perspective or feedback as we continue to reinvent our justice, diversity, equity and inclusion plan will be heard and welcomed as we identify further actions to be taken.

Thank you to the students, staff and faculty who have shared your stories through #BlackAtUark. We are listening and committed to change.

John R. English, Ph.D, P.E.
Dean, Professor & Irma F. and Raymond F. Giffels Endowed Chair in Engineering