Faculty Website Request

An up-to-date, professional-looking website is important for promoting your research and recruiting students. The College of Engineering is currently providing help setting up faculty websites in WordPress. If you already have a website that isn't in Wordpress, we can move it to a Wordpress site. Here is an example of a faculty site.

You can start the process of creating your site on this page.

  1. The first step is deciding what kind of site you want:
  2. Please click "Submit" below. If you checked box number one, please follow the directions on this page. If you check box number two, we will contact you about setting up a custom URL. If you have questions, email Camilla at camillas@uark.edu


    Personal Website Process

  3. Visit you.uark.edu
  4. Click on “UARK Personal Blog Network” on the bottom right
    UARK Personal Blog Network
  5. Log into Wordpress with your UARK username and password. It will automatically create a site for you with the URL "you.uark.edu/(your username)"
  6. Click on “My Sites” on the left and click on “Dashboard” under your username. You can also choose your username from the dropdown under the “My Sites” link at the top of the page
    Click Dashboard
  7. Click on “Authorizer” on the left menu
    Click Authorizer
  8. Type engrcomm@uark.edu into the green box in the middle of the page, and set the box next to it to “Administrator.” This will give us access to your website.
    type e n g r c o m m at u a r k dot e d u
  9. Fill out this form

    If you already have a faculty website, enter the URL below and submit the form. We'll just copy your existing content into your Wordpress site. If you don't have a website already, please answer the rest of the questions.

    If you don't want to include this page, just leave this part blank. If you want to write in another label, please do that below

    Keep in mind that you will need to provide content for all the pages you check. If we don't have content for a page, we will leave it off the site--with the exception of the blog. If you want to have a blog on your site, we can set it up for you and you can add posts later. If you would like to add a page not listed here, or if you want to specify a different order for the pages, please do so below. If you need more room, just drag the corner of the box.

    A nice big image to illustrate your research is an important element of your homepage. If you need help finding or taking a good photo for your homepage, please contact camillas@uark.edu

  10. Questions? email camillas@uark.edu